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Nikos Gatsios has more than 40 years experience in commercial water sports. He started his waterski business in Corfu in 1972 and was the first person world wide to start commercial paragliding in 1976.

Nikos is a former Greek National Waterski Champion. He almost broke the world record for jump in 1974. For many years he has successfully competed in the European, African & Middle East Waterski Championships, competing in the Triathlon (skiing Trick ski, Jump and slalom). In 1995, he participated in the E.A.M.E. Championship held in Aqaba, Jordan and came overall third. In 1998, he came 4th place in the E.A.M.E. Waterski Championship held in Johannesburg, South Africa. He still holds the national record for Tricks and Jump (for over 35’s).

corfuskiclub watersports jetski
corfuskiclub watersports jetty

During the 1970’s Nikos was a member of the Greek National Waterski Team. He was a Trainer at the Greek Waterski Federation, training the juniors in the National Team. He was also a member of the American Waterski Federation and worked in various water ski clubs in Florida, USA.

In 1971, at Disney World, Florida. In 1972, at Cyprus Gardens Waterski Show. In 1973, at Liz Allen Waterski , Daytona Beach, Florida. From 1974 to 1980, at waterski club West Palm Beach, Florida. In 1990, he set up the first commercial watersport business in Assinee, Ivory Coast, West Africa.

In 2003, he obtained a worldwide patent for the Aqua Striders. He invented a device that lets you walk on water. In 2008, he was awarded a bronze medal for this invention at the International Exhibition of Inventions held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nikos has provided water sport activities to many companies including, Club Med, Valtour, Robinson Club, Contiki, and Grecotel.